September 19, 2017 Casino Online 0

Online casinos are getting increasing popular as they have made it possible for both avid and casual players to enjoy casino games right at their homes at any time of the day. Those who’ve never set foot in a brick-and-mortar casino may not quite feel the difference, but regular casino goers most likely will miss all the entertainment and excitement of the live action when they settle for online gaming.

Several web casinos have since introduced live streamed games that add a human element into otherwise fully automated online gaming environment. Seasoned players now have the option to sign-up for live casino games such as live dealer blackjack, live dealer roulette and several other games that offer a more realistic gaming experience. Watching dealers in action, calling out bets and interacting with the dealer via text or voice chats at the live dealer casino does make the event more thrilling and personal.

The Evergreen Appeal of Live Streaming

There are several factors that make live streamed games an attractive personal experience.

Real-Time Dealers

A live dealer casino experience is definitely more interesting and entertaining mainly because of the dealers who bring their gaming and interaction skills to the table. While the game by itself may have its unique charm, it is the dealers who make the players feel welcome and comfortable, some addressing regular gamers by their name. Even players who are into serious gaming for monetary rewards are likely to appreciate meaningful, ice-breaking interactions with the dealers, as these conversations tend to ease the tension when stakes are really high!

Live Action

Getting to watch the dealers spin the roulette or deal out cards in real time is indeed a personalised experience. Live casino games offer players the satisfaction of seeing the entire game unfold before them in a perfectly fair manner. It is quite common for people to suspect foul play when they’re on a losing streak, especially at an online casino where all they get to see is a set of random numbers on screen. Many UK web casinos have addressed this concern by offering players a chance to try their luck at the live casino games.

Higher Limits and Earnings

Earnings at UK web casinos are definitely way better than what land-based casinos offer. Live casino games, including the increasing popular live dealer roulette and live dealer blackjack, have higher limits that enable experienced hands to reap better rewards in real time. A live dealer casino acts as the bridge between the player and live dealer, managing both bets and winnings in a fair manner. Welcome bonus rewards and the occasional loyalty earnings do pep up the returns.

Live Dealer Games on Mobile

In order to further personalise the gambling or gaming experience, several popular UK web casinos have included live casino games on their mobile applications as well, making it possible for avid gamers to enjoy their favourite live dealer games even when on the move.

High-Quality Streaming

Casino operators are competing with each other to bring an impressive collection of live casino games for both mobile and PC users. Technological advancements and improving Internet connectivity and speeds have now made it possible for operators to offer high-quality live video streaming (across different locations), which is a crucial aspect of live casino games.

Wide Coverage

In an effort to mimic real-time viewing angles, the game table and gaming action are covered at different angles to not only ensure sharp and clear visuals, but to stress the ambience and, of course, reduce monotony. Apart from adding a tad of excitement to the event, wide coverage also alleviates any suspicions of fraudulent dealings as the action is captured live from different angles.

Game Choices

It is but natural for live dealer game choices to be a tad limited when compared to online casino games. However, there is some choice when it comes to game variety, for there are quite a few variations of live dealer roulette and poker available while live dealer blackjack is limited to the classic version. The array of live casino games is actually expanding, with new games such as poker, dice and others being offered by select operators.

As for web casinos striving to offer personalised gaming opportunities, they have been quite successful in drawing attention of gaming enthusiasts by introducing live streamed games, especially the more popular ones. Novice players may, however, try their hands at live dealer games by simply brushing up on the gaming basics and signing-up with an operator offering their favourite game.