February 19, 2018 Casino Games Online 0

If you’re a fan of online casinos, then you’ve probably already tried several slots games, and already have a favourite. Maybe you enjoy the theme, or perhaps you just love the experience of playing it. More experienced players may have examined the Return To Player (RTP) rate of different games, which is a good way of figuring out how much of your wager you might have left after playing for a long time.

However, lots of people overlook slot variance, when in actual fact this should be one of the most important factors when choosing a game to play. This is because, if you want to win a lot of money from a slot, you need to know how it behaves and how any payouts are likely to be structured. You won’t find it difficult to find reviews of different slots games, which will tell you whether a game is a high or low variance, or somewhere in between. There are a lot of slot volatility lists to give you this information. This short guide will explain slot game variance in more detail, and help you choose between the online slot games out there.

How does slot volatility work?

Volatility, also often referred to as variance, is the relationship between how often you get a payout when playing, and how big that relationship is. As you might expect, the more frequently you win money, the smaller those chunks of money tend to be. Low volatility slots are ones in which payouts are small and regular, while high volatility slots are ones where payouts are relatively rare but are larger when they do occur.

While sometimes there might seem to be a correlation between this and RTP, this isn’t the case for every slot game. It is also worth considering that though most people like to choose a game with a high RTP rate, low and high volatility slots are good for different kinds of players, and the decision is a personal one.

Low Volatility Slots

Low volatility slots are suitable for certain types of players, and the most obvious type is players with a smaller bankroll. Typically, you might win something every few spins, and you’ll never lose a major amount of money at once – however, the jackpots are also pretty small, too. This means that it’s a great way of playing for people who like using the free bonus credit that online casinos often give, as it’s a way of making your money last longer – hopefully long enough to achieve the play-through requirements for withdrawing it.

Low variance slots are also good for players who want their game to last a long time, as they don’t allow you to win or lose much at a time, making a session last much longer. In short, low variance slots are perfect for those with a lot of time but a smaller bankroll.

High Volatility Slots

High volatility slots are certainly people who like more risk and excitement in their games, as in high variance slots it is normal to go for several spins without a win, but then win a large amount at once. This is really only ideal for those with larger bankrolls, as you’ll need that money to keep you in the game between the big wins – this isn’t for people who will panic and give up if they don’t immediately win anything.

Generally, high volatility slots are the choice of more seasoned players with large bankrolls who enjoy a lot of risk and fun, and who don’t mind the long dry spells when they aren’t winning anything.

Don’t forget that there are also a lot of medium volatility slots out there, which offer a middle ground of better payouts than the low volatility games, but also don’t come with as much risk as the high volatility games. They’re a good choice for the average player who has a decent amount of money to play with and wants a medium-length game that is still exciting but not too risky.

The choice between high and low volatility slots is an important one when choosing a game in an online casino in the UK, and is something that you should always take into account. Consider the size of your bankroll, how much you enjoy an element of risk in your game, and whether smaller but frequent payouts appeal more than larger, infrequent ones. This is a very personal choice, but when you’ve decided, you’ll be able to easily pick the slots games that are perfect for your play style.