October 11, 2017 Casino Games 0

The success of an online casino, alongside its use of marketing strategy and the strength of its brand, depends on the quality of games that it provides to its customers. Internet gambling, originating in the 1990s, created a burgeoning market for online casino games that led to the creation of several online casino companies. Software developers face the challenge of creating new and exciting games that grab the attention of potential customers, maintain a level of interest in the game and persuade players to use the software again. The best casino game providers on the World Wide Web, some of which are listed below, are able to sell their products to a wide range of gambling websites.


Novomatic, founded in 1980 by the billionaire Johan Graf, began its life as a bricks-and-mortar gambling company before expanding into the digital realm. The international company, based in Austria, operates several online casinos and employs an extensive team of software developers to create digital games for the gambling industry. Online casino games, after the development and manufacturing phases, are then supplied to licensed gambling websites or added to the company’s own digital gaming platforms. The popularity of Novomatic’s catalogue of software products, distributed via the business-to-business (B2B) model, has contributed to their high levels of success in the gambling industry.

Playtech plc.

Playtech plc, established in 1999 in Estonia, have developed a variety of online casino games for a multitude of digital gaming platforms and distribute their products through the B2B method. Several popular gambling websites, operating from a number of different countries, buy their online casino games from this software development company and have helped transform it into one of the most competitive players on the market. The company, founded by Teddy Sagi, released its first online casino software to the market in 2001 and has gone on to produce as well as licence over 450 games. Playtech online casino games can be played on desktop computers, smartphones and tablet devices.

NetEnt Casino Software.

NetEnt, previously known as Network Entertainment, are a major supplier of online casino software to electronic gaming platforms in Europe and throughout the world. The Swedish Information Technology (IT) service management company, established in 1996, launched the online casino branch of its business in 2002 and enjoyed increasing levels of commercial success over the coming decade. NetEnt, as of 2017, has released over 200 online casino games via the digital distribution method and have received several awards for their products. Online casino games, developed by the company’s team of IT specialists, are available on desktop computers and handheld devices.

BetSoft Gaming Ltd.

BetSoft, established in 1999, provide interactive online casino games to digital gaming operators throughout the world and have cemented a reputation for themselves as one dominant forces in the electronic gambling sector. The English company’s team of innovative online casino software developers have created some of the most compelling, technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing electronic gaming experiences available on the World Wide Web. BetSoft’s award-winning online casino games, disseminated via the B2B model, have made a lasting impression on the patrons of digital gambling sites and continue to attract clients from the electronic gaming industry.

Evolution Gaming Ltd.

Evolution Gaming, founded in 2006 and operating on a B2B level, provide digital gambling platforms with the live-streaming of real time casino games. The provision of live-stream online casino software, allowing live dealer gaming events to be broadcast into the homes of website users, bridges the gap between the bricks-and-mortar and digital business models used in the gambling industry. Live games, broadcast from the company’s casino studio, benefit from professional production values and are available on desktop computers as well as tablet devices. The London-based company, with additional offices in Latvia and Malta, has risen to the top of the market for live-streamed casino games.

Microgaming Casino.

Microgaming Casino, the division of Microgaming Software Systems Ltd. that deals with the development and distribution of online casino games, was established in 1994 and provides its digital products to a variety of electronic gaming platforms. This prolific company, based in England, have produced over 700 digital games for gambling websites and enjoy a well-earned status as one of the giants of the online gaming world. Microgaming Casino, providing their clients with their digital products on a B2B basis, have won over thirty awards for their online casino software and for their valuable contributions to the electronic gaming industry.