August 8, 2017 Casino Online 0

All gamblers dream of a big, fat casino bonus and the fewer strings that are attached to this bonus the better. Wager free casino free spins (also known as no deposit free spins) are some of the best casino bonuses that you can find online. Casinos are offering them more and more frequently, and chances are, if you are an online gambler, you have seen an advert for such a bonus in the past week.

What does a free spins casino bonus with no wagering requirements consist of?

In essence, a no wager free spins bonus is a type of bonus that gives you free spins at a given game without you having to place any kind of deposit. ‘Free spins’ could mean that you get a certain number of free spins of a roulette wheel, or it could mean that you get to crank the handle of an online fruit machine game a few times without losing any credits or any of your deposit. This type of free spin bonus is distinguished from the version that does have wagering requirements: i.e. the casino requires you to place a certain minimum deposit before you can take advantage of the free spins.

Three things to look out for when scouring the web for wager free spins

Here are three key considerations that it would be wise to take into account when you find a wager free spin bonus.

1. Will the free spins win you real money?

You want those spins to count after all.

2. Is there a reasonable minimum withdrawal amount at the casino in question?

There is no point in winning £10 with your free spins bonus if you are only allowed to withdraw winnings worth more than £50 at the casino you are visiting. Double check that the casino is not just attempting to lure you in with a free spins bonus with no wagering requirements, and then forcing you to place a deposit so that you can continue playing in order to win enough money to actually make a withdrawal.

3. Don’t just look at the bonus: look at the whole casino

It can be so easy to want to jump straight at an attractive bonus and snap it up immediately. But, savvy gamblers know that before they sign up to a casino they need to check the whole establishment out more thoroughly: what charges does it apply to deposits and withdrawals, for instance? Is it fully licensed? Does it pay out players’ winnings promptly?

The psychology of free spins

When taking up a wager free spins bonus it is crucial to be aware of the way that your mind is working. Several studies suggest that when a gambler has placed a sizeable deposit, they are more likely to focus on the game at hand and to apply a winning strategy. In short: we care more about winning, and try harder to win, when we have spent real money. As a result, all too often gamblers who are offered free spins do not try so hard to win because they have, quite literally, nothing to lose. Of course, casinos are somewhat relying on this fact, which is why they so generously offer wager free spins in abundance: casino owners know that they are less likely to have to pay out winnings as a result of these bonuses than there are when gamblers have placed a deposit to play with them. Being aware of this psychological effect of bonuses that offer no deposit free spins will help you to counteract it. Defy the casino and try your hardest so that you can win big without any money leaving your pocket.

Give it a whirl

Bonuses offering no wager free spins can be lucrative and fun to use, as long as you stay focused. Make sure that you check out the casino before you take up any kind of bonus like this. Additionally, ensure that you read the terms and conditions associated with the bonus very carefully so that you are not suddenly caught out by a loophole that requires you to place a hefty deposit in order to withdraw any winnings you have accrued from your free spins. Above all, good luck using these bonuses!