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Over time, UK online casinos have come up with incentives to encourage player participation. Most casinos offer gaming bonuses that encourage players to sign-up. Once you join an online casino that offers a good bonus, it is only natural for you to want to grab the opportunity and clear the bonus as fast as possible. Before diving into the tips and hacks of clearing your bonus, it is important to understand the basics of online casino bonuses and clear casino bonus tips.

Different types of online casino bonuses

  • No deposit bonus which is offered to new players after registering with the casino, even if they have not made any deposits. Depending on the casino you are playing at, a no deposit bonus could either be free money or spins.
  • Match bonus is offered after you open an account and make deposits. The casino then matches the amount of your deposit with their table of bonus percentages.
  • Free spins bonus offers a set of spins to new players. It can either be a ‘no deposit’ meaning you receive free spins after registration or a ‘match bonus’ which requires you to make a deposit first.
  • High roller bonus is for high-spending players. Casinos usually specify the minimum amount that qualifies for a high roller bonus.
  • Reload bonus is used by casinos to reward loyal players.
  • Cashback bonus is offered in intervals (once per week or month) to help players to recover losses incurred. The casino calculates the percentage of all your losses for a particular period and makes a deposit in your account.

How casino bonuses work

The best casino bonus will motivate deposits from players as well as give rewards. However, most casinos have a minimum rollover limit which players must reach, before withdrawing profits made on the bonus.

For example;

Casino Y offers 25% bonus on £100 deposits and requires a rollover of £200 for total withdrawal. Assuming you have made the deposit, the total funds in your account will be £125. After a few games, your account has £200 and you want to withdraw the profits. Since you have not made the required £200 turn over, you will have to reject the bonus, meaning you can only withdraw £75.

Clear casino bonus tips

Bonuses are a great way of encouraging players and earning extra chips and money. Casino players can use bonuses to play for longer and make more money. Still, as a player, you have to know how to make your bonuses count and clear them.

Check terms and conditions

For you to have a practical plan of clearing bonuses, you have to understand the terms and conditions applied on the casino at which you play. Use this to determine which games have bonuses and the casino’s eligibility. Some casinos do not offer bonuses on roulette and blackjack.

Pick the best casino bonus

It is advisable to select a bonus that will offer you the most, is easier to receive and is possible to cash out. If you are a new player, pick the welcome bonus, which will be easier for you to manage. Whether you are playing for fun or for earning income, make sure the bonus you pick matches up with your purpose of playing.

Ensure you can reach the rollover limit

Beginners might be tempted to chose big bonuses, which also means making big deposits. The problem comes in if you do not know how to play, thus not reaching the required roll over. If you are not sure on your gaming skills, it is wise to start with small bonuses, in which you can reach the required roll over and cash out!

Don’t request payouts too early

If you request payouts without reaching the minimum rollover, you are likely to lose the bonus. Keep playing and focused on the game until you make the turnover.

Keep paying at the same casino

After carefully selecting the right casino for you, keep paying so that you can be eligible for loyalty bonuses. When it comes to casinos, loyalty pays, monetarily.

In conclusion, online casino bonuses can help you make extra cash. Note that its hardly possible to combine different types of bonuses. Therefore, pick your bonus wisely, reach the required roll over and always pay at the same casino.